The Flight Attendant Employment Preparation Manual (PDF) contains over 500 interview questions as well as a specific interview plan enabling you to answer any question with confidence. Price: $45.00 includes GST


Regular updates are made to these questions.

1) Tell me about yourself?
2) What is the logo on our aircraft?
3) Who do you admire?
4) Explain good customer service?
5) Explain team work?
6) What are the negative aspects of the job?

Flight Dux is the only Australian company with 25 years of specialist aviation experience, providing outstanding services for experienced flight attendants and those aspiring to be flight attendants. THE company experienced flight attendants join to relocate overseas or to return home. Australia +61

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One fee $90.00 includes GST .You will receive airline contacts each month and two newsletters each year.You will have vital information and individual internet support services prior your interviews. You will have your own internet 'jobs coach'.

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* Flight Attendant Employment Preparation Manual (ISBN)

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* The Flight Dux Flyer. This very popular publication includes the latest interview questions and airline job alerts that keep you up- to-date to win a job.

* E-mail job alerts monthly! Notification of major airline recruitment campaigns and information exclusive to Flight Dux members.

* Assessment of your resume and cover letter and any other applications.

Flight Dux members have secured flight attendant positions with the following major airlines and companies: Alliance, Qantas Airways, Jetconnect, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways, REX, Jetstar, Cobham, Skytraders,Tigerair, Virgin Australia Group. We have flight attendants and cabin managers with corporate airlines. Congratulations to everyone.

Quote: 'I have returned from Doha, and have been offered a position with Qatar Amiri Flight. Thank you once again for your help and years of support 'F/A Carly. Quote: 'Tell everyone you are never too old' Thank you Flight Dux. Nicole (Virgin Group)

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